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Goebel pools different

What makes Goebel pools special?

For a brand-new swimming pool that you can enjoy for years to come, reach out to Goebel Pool and Spa. We’re delighted to offer quality products and service to customers in the San Antonio area. No matter how big your backyard is, our licensed and insured team will help you decide on a product that fits your space perfectly.

At Goebel Pool and Spa, we’re proud to offer a refreshing solution to a hot summer day. We think you’ll love our swimming pools and the high-caliber service that will come with your purchase. We’re open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, so contact us today to set up an appointment for a consultation. We’re located in San Antonio, TX.

Design & Planning

The first step in the construction process is an initial meeting between the client and one of our trained design technicians. During this meeting, our technician will find out what you, as the client, are looking for in the overall pool and landscape layout. All of our pools are designed specifically for each individual customer. Plans from architects or landscapers are also welcome.

Once we have the pool design, style, and landscaping drawn out the next step is to get the necessary permits and approvals before we start your project. This process is something we as a company handle for you and take care of. The overall approval process takes a few weeks depending on if there are any adjustments or changes needed. Not only does the city require approvals, your HOA might as well.

Permits & Approvals


Now that the permits and necessary approvals have been completed, the next step is to start construction. The first thing we do is stage the area where your new pool will be. We take a close look at the elevation of your land and lay out the perimeter with wood blocks so that you can get a feel for the shape and the size of your new pool. Once you approve and agree with the layout we move on to step number 4.

The excavation process is now ready to begin and breaking ground will be the start of your new pool. We use small bobcat excavation equipment to carve out the layout of the forms we had set in the previous step. We dig the depth of each side of your pool ensuring it is up to you depth requirements.


Steel and Stub Out

Now that the area has been excavated its time for the pool shell to be reinforce with steel rebar. The rebar is placed both vertical and horizontal. After the rebar is is secured, we begin with the rough plumbing which includes main drains, skimmers, niches, return lines and pre-plumbing.

The next step in the process is to poor the concrete. The walls and lining of the pool consist of a mixture of sand and cement that is applied through a hose with highly pressurized air to achieve a compressive strength.

Gunite Application


After the concrete has been poured, its time for the plumbing to be laid. Each pool requires a specialized design for maximum circulation and filtration.

The next step in the process is to connect and setup your new pool equipment. The pool equipment includes the water pumps and other additional or optional features.

Equipment Setup

Deck Layout and Pour

Next it’s time for the area around the pool to be completed. During the design process we not only design the pool itself but also provide a design for  landscaping and decks around your new pool. At this step we help construct the area and include landscaping as well.

At this point we are getting really close to being complete. We ensure your site is cleaned and remove any waste from your site. We then finish your pool with your choice of coated interior materials. Your options are endless and can range from standard white, to pebble and beyond. This is the final step in the process and once your pool is finished we fill your pool and its your time to enjoy.

Pool Finish and Completion